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The Serpent's Lair


Alan Interview from COS

Dungeons with Snape

Snape in Hall with Prof. Quirrill

Dining with Snape

Snape In Hall

Snape in Potions:

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Mp3s from Chamber of Secrets



MP3s from The Philosophers Stone



Snape's Chambers

Skadi's Slytherin Sims

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Long Live Slytherin

Last Updated:  15-11-2003

Prisoner of Azkaban Trailer Released!

46 Stills!


Previous Updates

Interview with Alan Rickman

Dungeons With Snape

Mp3 from Alan's Interview

Movie of COS Dueling Scene.

 7 Wallpapers for your viewing pleasure.


Welcome to the Serpent's Lair.

Here you will find 200+ good quality screen caps from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.

You will also find MP3's of the Potion Masters best lines.

Soon you will see wallpaper and desktop themes, as well as audio from Alan Rickman's other works.

Feel free to save and use the images and audio you find on this site, but if you are using them for your web site please link back to me and give me credit for my work.

If you have a link you wish me to add, or a request please email me.













The Serpent's Lair: Severus Snape Galleries by Skadi